Beth deftly guided me through the process of turning a raw concept into a logo that well targets my key customer demographic… steered me away from bad decisions and provided inspiration for things that never would have occurred to me. She was always punctual with replies, patient with my requests for experimental revisions, and clearly explained the pros and cons of each option.
Karen ZivLittle Manatee Farm

Your Search Ranking May Have Just Dropped: Here’s Why

Google Adds Mobile to the Mix

Is your wesite mobile friendly? On Tuesday, April 21 2015, Google updated its search ranking criteria, including mobile friendliness for the first time. That means if your site isn’t easily viewed on a mobile device, your mobile search rankings may have plummeted overnight.

UPDATE: New MA Sales Tax Law WILL NO LONGER affect Web Services

******** UPDATE 9.30.13****** The MA Computer Sales Tax Law has officially been repealed! No sales tax will apply on web development services. For more info, visit:

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