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BMD Sportin’ a New Look—Responsive Design

We are excited to announce that, after a few weeks of testing, We’ve launched our new responsive website design—which now offers optimal viewing experience across multiple web devices such as desktops, tablets and mobile phones. We are very excited to be launching on target with what Mashable refers to as “The Year of Responsive Web Design”

More Enjoyable Experience

Any website, which is not custom formatted for devices other than desktops, will shrink to fit within the device’s browser. If you’ve ever come across one of these sites from your smartphone, you’ve probably had to zoom in and move the site around to read the tiny text and content. It can get quite annoying and many users will just leave the site.

About 30% of our site viewers are on mobile devices and tablets, so it is important for us to cater to these users as well as desktop visitors. If you’re reading this article on a desktop browser, try making your browser window smaller—you’ll notice some changes happening. The navigation menu will reformat, images will resize to fit on screen and the overall grid will adjust to accommodate the browser width (see images below). No zooming or repositioning will be necessary. The grid will adjust to your screen for optimal viewing, making your overall experience much more enjoyable and user friendly.

Responsive Web Layouts

Complete Access

We wanted our users to have complete access to all our web content from mobile devices, which is why a responsive design works best for our site, rather than a mobile app. We opted to only remove a small amount of “extra” content for mobile users.

Inclusive Content

In addition to making our content more accessible to users on different devices, We’ve also added a few new features. Our homepage now displays an additional portfolio item, two recent blog articles instead of one and a twitter feed for sharing social media activity (see before and after below).

Non-responsive Website Layouts

Never Finished!

At BMDM, we are always working to improve our site. This isn’t a bad thing though… it’s a work in progress and we are constantly making design tweaks, and adding enhancements—all which make for better user experiences and higher conversion rates. To receive regular site updates, stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter or sign up for our monthly newsletter.

Contact us for a free consultation on how we can help make your website responsive or read more about our website services!

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