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Graphic Design Games

Check out this this great compilation of graphic design games by UCreative. If you have some downtime, test out your skills. Just don’t get hooked or you’ll never get work done! My favorite so far is Kern Type.

Terrific websites for toddlers

While I’ve come across a lot of great educational sites for young kids, I’m finding games are limited for toddlers who are not yet familiar with how to use a computer mouse over a touch screen device such as a tablet or iphone. Here’s a list of a few sites and games I’ve tried out […]

Choosing a logo color

You’ve narrowed down your designer’s 20 original logo concepts to one perfect representation of your brand. Now it is time to add color. Red, blue, green… you may have an idea of which colors will best suit your company’s identity. One thing you probably have not considered is how you are going to maintain color […]

What does vector mean?

A new designer, publication or vendor may have requested “vector” artwork for your logo. Maybe you already gave them a jpeg, because it was all you had. What is a vector logo? I’m not going to bore you with too much detail, but here is a brief explanation I hope will help. There are two […]