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Easy scarecrow Halloween costume for your child

Easy Scarecrow Costume for Toddlers

Easy and cute! Here’s how I made this quick kid’s scarecrow costume for my little pumpkin (or in this case my little scarecrow).

Create the hay bands

Hay can obviously be irritating to wear… especially for a toddler, so you will need to make it comfy. I measured my daughter’s wrists and head and made these comfy wristbands and headband. You can glue or sew hay in between two pieces, then attach the ends to make loops. Just be sure to leave hay out of the headband opening for the face.

Toddler Scarecrow Custome Bands

For the legs, measure the bottom of the overalls and sew the bands into them flat. Make sure you cut the bottom of the overalls short enough to account for the length of the hay.

Embellish the overalls

Don’t go out and buy nice overalls. These were actually hand-me-downs, but you can probably find some at a thrift store. You will need to buy a small bag of hay, which you can get at the craft store. Sew or glue some material scraps  onto the front and back of the overalls with hay sticking out on the ends.

children's scarecrow costume

And there’s a scarecrow costume!

Grab a warm sweater or shirt to wear underneath the overalls and slip on all the hay loops underneath the clothing so all you see is the hay. Put a hat on to hide the headband as well. Add a little scarecrow facepaint and go get some candy!

Let me know how it worked out!

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