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Your Search Ranking May Have Just Dropped: Here’s Why

Google Adds Mobile to the Mix

Is your wesite mobile friendly? On Tuesday, April 21 2015, Google updated its search ranking criteria, including mobile friendliness for the first time. That means if your site isn’t easily viewed on a mobile device, your mobile search rankings may have plummeted overnight.

In a move to remain dominant as the search giant loses ground to native search alternatives, Google instituted new standards to ensure its top results offer a positive experience across all devices. The roll-out of the new algorithm took a week.

As more users view the web via mobile devices, a mobile-friendly presence has become a marketing imperative. At Beth Motta Design & Marketing, we advocate responsive design, meaning your site automatically adjusts to look its best wherever it goes. Additional characteristics of mobile-friendly design include larger text, easy-to-click links, and eschewing Flash.

But besides frustrating potential customers trying to access your site from their phones and tablets, failing to consider mobile-friendly elements in your site levied no specific penalty in the mobile search rankings, until now.

If your site is more mobile’s frenemy than mobile-friendly you’re not alone. The latest update will impact more results than any previous iteration of Google’s search algorithm. Forty percent of Fortune 500 companies may have dropped in Google’s mobile search rankings due to the recent change.

We can make your site mobile friendly and protect your mobile search rankings! Contact BMD&M today to experience better business through strategic design.

How does your site stack up? Find out if your site is mobile friendly with Google’s free tool.


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