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Acorn Vitamins

Acorn Vitamins is a health food store located in Akron, Ohio. They sell a wide range of brand name nutritional supplements and vitamins, gluten-free and non-GMO foods, health and beauty products, as well as eco-friendly home and pet products.

Acorn Vitamins did most of the business online, but when they decided to open their first local store, they came to us in need of some branding tweaks and design for local marketing materials. The “A” and “V” of the logo hold an acorn within the negative letter space for a subtle yet conceptual icon. Monthly product fliers are themed and designed to highlight monthly promotions to drive customers in. We also created an ad campaign which were published in multiple local publications.

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Acorn Sales Flier Covers

Acorn Christmas Sales Flier

Acorn Vitamins Ad Campaign

Due to Acorn Vitamins’ brand awareness and success, they were voted by Beacon’s Best readers as one of the Top Three Organic Health Stores in 2014! Congratulations to them!