Beth Motta Design & Marketing

Little Manatee Farm

Little Manatee Farm is a small farmstead located about 30 minutes east of Sarasota, Florida focused on sustainable, tasty food.

Little Manatee Farm Logo

With a health-conscious and local target demographic, this new farmer wanted her logo to be fresh, vibrant, quirky and fun, as well as representative of the homegrown concept behind her farm. Breaking ground near Little Manatee River in sunny Florida, our client presented us with the idea of using a manatee and leaf as a yin-yang symbol. The rounds of sketches developed into a manatee hugging a leaf and the typography was revised to be a little decorative resembling an old fruit crate.


“Beth deftly guided me through the process of turning a raw concept into a logo that well targets my key customer demographic… steered me away from bad decisions and provided inspiration for things that never would have occurred to me. She was always punctual with replies, patient with my requests for experimental revisions, and clearly explained the pros and cons of each option.”

—Karen Ziv, Little Manatee Farm Owner