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Mass Care Link

Mass Care Link, Inc. is a MassHealth Adult Foster Care provider that assists individuals to care for their loved ones at home.

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A brand-new healthcare company looking for help with their brand, Mass Care Link needed a visual identity and the right voice to target to their dual audiences: customers and professional caretakers. We created a friendly logo using corporate blues, but added some warmer complimentary colors across the marketing materials and website to infuse the professional feel with a friendly glow. We developed content for their marketing brochure and website, and created a visual hierarchy for their two most notable targets, caregivers and members. Now Mass Care Link can focus on providing support instead of worrying about their website and collateral.

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Healthcare Design, Development and Content Development

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“Beth and Kim helped strengthen our credibility and establish trust with our customers by developing a clean and professional look, balancing corporate tone with friendliness and warmth. Our target audience ranges from low-income family members to professional caretakers. Beth and Kim excelled at writing our complex services with clarity and just enough detail, providing our different audiences with the info they needed in an easy-to-understand format.”

—Tara Araujo, Program Director, Mass Care Link