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Terrific websites for toddlers

While I’ve come across a lot of great educational sites for young kids, I’m finding games are limited for toddlers who are not yet familiar with how to use a computer mouse over a touch screen device such as a tablet or iphone.

Here’s a list of a few sites and games I’ve tried out with my two-year-old.

Sesame Workshop

So far, I’ve found this site to have the most for my little one. There is a filter for ages two and under and they are easy enough for my  daughter to play on her own. There are also a few which will help her to start learning how to use a mouse.

TVO Kids

This site has a section geared towards two to five-year-olds. It is helpful to be able to sort the game categories by subject, but I only wish they had a more specific age filter as well.

PBS Kids

I do like the little character xylophone feature on the sesame street page. This is a good little way my daughter can practice using the mouse. There are lots of fun activities to download, videos and games but I think the Sesame Workshop site has more for younger toddlers.

Fisher Price

Fisher Price also has a filter for toddlers and even infants! Lots of easy games to enjoy and fun to play with mom and dad.

Sprout Online

This site is cute and the games are creative. However, I do feel like some of the games are too hard for toddlers to play on their own. If played with mom and dad, they can be a lot of fun.

Let me know if you have found your toddlers to like other games and sites as well and we can add them to the list!

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