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Responsive Web Layouts

BMD Sportin’ a New Look—Responsive Design

We are excited to announce that, after a few weeks of testing, We’ve launched our new responsive website design—which now offers optimal viewing experience across multiple web devices such as desktops, tablets and mobile phones. We are very excited to be launching on target with what Mashable refers to as “The Year of Responsive Web Design”. 

Saying “Buh-Bye” to IE7

In order to focus our energy on new functionalities and features, We are following the lead of tech trend-setters Google and Facebook and dropping cross browser testing support for Internet Explorer 7. Due to its declining use, developing for this version specifically no longer makes sense for your site.

Website Content Development

Common Content Pitfalls: Figuring Out What Not To Say

I’ve been helping organizations translate their goals into webspeak for over a decade and I’ve noticed some patterns. Sometimes the words on the webpage can seem like almost an afterthought, but they’re your best platform to define your business.

Children's Antique Bureau

Refinished Children’s Bureau

I was so excited when I found this antique children’s bureau at a yard sale. I actually left to think about it and immediately drove back, cause I knew it would be perfect for my two-year-old, and I was afraid it would be gone! The dresser was 70-years-old and the original owners kept it in […]

Antique End Table

Refinished Antique Table

I’m a newcomer to refinishing projects, so I’m sure I’ve made some mistakes along the way. This antique table was passed down to me from my grandmother, and the varnish was starting to peel away, so I decided to paint it as an accent piece.

How designers and developers can join forces to get the job done

Whether you are a freelancer or full time employee, you may be asked to play the role of both web designer and developer for some projects. However, sometimes, you may be required to work along with someone else and only be responsible for one of these roles. Designers and developers can sometimes butt heads, so […]

Terrific websites for toddlers

While I’ve come across a lot of great educational sites for young kids, I’m finding games are limited for toddlers who are not yet familiar with how to use a computer mouse over a touch screen device such as a tablet or iphone. Here’s a list of a few sites and games I’ve tried out […]

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