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Modern Mermaids Label Design Makeover

Modern Mermaids Eco products labels

Small tweaks went a long way with these product labels. Since current customers were already familiar with the product and the brand, the new labels had to be recognizable to them. With minor refinements, I cleaned up the look, tweaked the color palette to be more complimentary and strengthened the brand. In all, the new […]

Choosing a logo color

You’ve narrowed down your designer’s 20 original logo concepts to one perfect representation of your brand. Now it is time to add color. Red, blue, green… you may have an idea of which colors will best suit your company’s identity. One thing you probably have not considered is how you are going to maintain color […]

What does vector mean?

A new designer, publication or vendor may have requested “vector” artwork for your logo. Maybe you already gave them a jpeg, because it was all you had. What is a vector logo? I’m not going to bore you with too much detail, but here is a brief explanation I hope will help. There are two […]

Wendy Andre Law Website Makeover Before

Law Office of Wendy Andre, PC

Wendy came to us with a need to make her brand current. We helped set Wendy apart from her competition with this web design makeover and created a more professional looking site from her previous design, one that is comforting to her visitors and easy to read. before (not designed by BMD&M) after (designed by […]

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